Jeff Conner

Until earlier this year Jeff Conner was the editor and lead designer for IDW Publishing’s “alt-lit” prose program, a series built around its licensed or original properties. Notable Conner-produced IDW releases include V Wars (with Jonathan Mayberry), Z-Boyz in the Robot Graveyard, Classics MutilatedThe Rocketeer: Jet Pack Adventures, and In the Shadow of Dracula (with Leslie Klinger). Prior this, the plucky editor did a stint working in the entertainment industry, setting up Top Dollar Comics and editing six original Crow novels for producer Edward R. Pressman, as well writing three licensed film books. He pursued similar activities for Conan Properties, with  four original World of Conan trilogies. In the more distant past, Conner ran Scream/Press, a micro-publisher specializing in short story collections and novel reprints. He received a World Fantasy Award for these efforts, but considers his biggest reward to being able to work with such writers as Dennis Etchison, Ramsey Campbell, Karl Edward Wagner, Richard Matheson and Robert Bloch; as well as artists like JK Potter, Jeff Jones, and Harry O. Morris.