Joe Siclari

Joe Siclari was Chairman of the 50th Worldcon, MagiCon, in Orlando, Florida in 1992. He is president of FANAC, the sponsor of Fancyclopedia 3, Editor of unterHelios, Shadow of a Fan, and FanHistorica. For several years, co-editor of the clubzine, the SFSFS Shuttle. He edited the N3F's Tightbeam in 1972-1973.

Joe helped to establish SMOFcon, and started FanHistoriCon and helped to organize FanHistoriCon 6, FanHistoriCon 9, was FGoH at ASFiCon 2 1981, OASIS 3 1990, Minicon 31 1996, DeepSouthCon 34 1996, Loscon XXVI 1999, and Lunacon 51 2008. He chaired a number of Tropicons, several Smofcons.

Joe originated the Travelling Fete, a series of relaxacons that moved to locations specified by each year's GoH, and where the GoH was responsible for the (one) program.
He wrote the annotated bibliography chapter for Science Fiction Fandom (1994), edited by Joe Sanders.