L.F. Patten

L.F. (Laurien) Patten was raised on classic fantasy. By age fourteen, she already counted herself among the denizens of Middle Earth, Camelot, Narnia, Melnibone, Earthsea, Lankhmar, and a host of other exciting worlds that hid behind fantastical covers on the shelves of the local library. A native of Washington D.C., Patten received a B.A. in History/Anthropology, with a minor in Medieval Lit., which she followed up with two years of archaeological field work in England, working on Romano-Celtic and Medieval sites. Upon her return to the States, she pursued a graduate degree in Archaeology. But working in the corporate world in order to feed her archaeology habit proved far too left-brained an endeavor. While moonlighting as a tour guide at the Smithsonian, she met and married a fellow archaeology enthusiast and happily re-located to Colorado, where she currently makes her home.

Patten has often characterized her multitude of interests as “A.D.D of the Right Brain.” In addition to archaeology and tour-guiding, her checkered career has included teaching history, pottery, and jewelry-making; acting and stage direction at an off- (off- off- off-) Broadway theater; work at a planetarium, a blood bank, and a rock shop. A certified herbalist, she has also studied fencing, opera singing, drawing and painting. Her writing career began when she saw her first story published in a college anthology, and she has spent the last thirty-odd years writing articles and stories (mostly fantasy) and editing archaeology books. Her new novel, The Talent Sinistral, is a heroic fantasy action/adventure, written in loving tribute to her earliest influences, and to fellow right-brainers everywhere.