Lail Finlay

Lail Finlay was born in Westbury, LI, NY. She is the only child of Virgil and Beverly Finlay. During her early years, Lail excelled at writing and acting, and attended Hofstra University on a Drama scholarship. She subsequently pursued a career as an actor, while continuing her education at UPR, and USF. She is married to renowned musician and composer Julio Hernandez, and her proudest accomplishment is their daughter, Brien Virgilia Finlay Hernandez, who has exceptional talent in writing, music, acting and as an artist.


Lail devotes much of her time to preserving and furthering the legacy of her father, Virgil Finlay, to ensure that he continues to receive the recognition and stature she believes he has earned in the art world. She and her family are so pleased that Virgil Finlay was honored with the Retro Hugo Award in 2014. The tribute this year to her father by the World Fantasy Convention is a great honor, and helps to secure her father's legacy.