Maria Alexander

Maria Alexander's short stories have appeared since 1999 alongside living legends such as David Morrell and Heather Graham. She's also a critically acclaimed poet. Her latest poetry collection even was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in 2011. But it is her debut novel, Mr. Wicker from Released by Raw Dog Screaming Press, that brings her to the convention. Publishers Weekly called it "(a) splendid, bittersweet ode to the ghosts of childhood." Library Journal named Mr. Wicker "Debut of the Month" in October 2014 and gave it a Starred Review, proclaiming it “a horror novel to anticipate."  (Although, many consider Mr. Wicker more urban fantasy than horror. If Maria had had a threesome with Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker, this would have been the love child. Make of that what you will.)

When she's not wielding a katana at her Shinkendo dojo, she's being outrageously spooky, writing Doctor Who filk, or penning popular blog posts about swords. She lives in Los Angeles with two ungrateful cats and a purse called Trog. For more information, visit her website at