Victor Dricks

Victor Dricks has been fanatically collecting fantasy and science fiction books and original art for more than four decades. Along the way, he's been a specialty bookdealer, hounded the field's prominent authors for autographs, attended 66,789 conventions, and counts many of the field's prominent collectors among his closest friends and competitors. He lives in constant fear that one day, he and the custom home he built in Texas in 2003 for his treasures will be swallowed by the Earth. He was a newspaper reporter for 18 years during which time he got to cover all manner of madness and mayhem on the police beat, before gravitating to science writing. He's been nominated for two Pulitzer Prizes, interviewed five Nobel Prize winning scientists; tracked Haley's Comet through the world's fourth largest telescope, interviewed Carl Sagan three times and had his cheek pinched by Isaac Asimov for being a smart ass during an interview. He joined the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 1995, and currently serves as the agency's Senior Public Affairs Officer in their Arlington, Texas office. And, oh, yes, he's known Stuart since 1971, and blames him for cultivating his passion for expensive single malt scotch.