Ysabeau Wilce

In addition to the Flora novels, Ysabeau's stories have appeared in various anthologies, including "Steampunk!"; "The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror"; "Eclipse 1"; "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine" and "The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy".

She has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award and been a James Tiptree finalist. In 2008, "Flora's Dare" was awarded the Andre Norton Award.

In her spare time, Ysabeau enjoys chewing, sleeping, and folding paper-towels into napkins. Someday she hopes to go down the Colorado River in a barrel.  She currently lives in Northern California with her husband, child and border collie. They do not, alas, have a butler.

You can find her blog at ysabeauwilce.tumblr.com, and follow her on Twitter @crackpothall.