Brandy Schillace

Author and historian, Brandy Schillace spends her time in the mist-shrouded alleyways between literature and medical history. Taking a cue from Edward Gorey and John Bellairs, she writes Gothic fiction with a medical twist. Her first series, The Jacob Maresbeth Chronicles (Cooperative Press), returns vampirism to its roots as a blood-born disease--where the worst monsters might actually work for the hospital system! Her newest work, The Witchwood at Nob's End, begins a between-worlds fantasy trilogy loosely based on her childhood home...underground, in abandoned coal lands, near a cemetery. (Really.) Dr. Schillace is research associate at the Dittrick Museum of Medical History, managing editor of Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, a book reviewer for the Huffington Post, and chief editor for the Fiction Reboot and Daily Dose blog. Her short fiction has appeared in Hic Dragones' Hauntings; An Anthology (2014), and her non-fiction includes a history of death and grief rituals (Death’s Summer Coat, 2015).