P69 What are they thinking? With Oracle Application Express & Oracle Data Mining by Brendan Tierney and Roel Hartman

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Mar 13th at 5:00 PM until 5:45 PM


Db Development 


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Have you every wanted to add some Data Science to you APEX applications? This presentation will show you how you can combine predictive analytics from Oracle Data Miner into your APEX application. Using the Oracle Data Mining features you can build data mining models of your data and apply these to your new data automatically. Data can be gathered about your products and these comments can be used to demonstrate how you can use an APEX application to monitor your customer sentiment using the native SQL and PL/SQL functions of Oracle Data Mining. APEX also comes with a number of graphical techniques. A demonstration on how to build a number of charts will be given, showing you how you can build a BI Dashboard in APEX. We will show you how to add data mining to you BI Dashboard in your APEX application and these will be used to a sentiment dashboard. Additionally we will demonstrate how you can build a workflow in your APEX application based on the results generated by Oracle Data Miner.