P97 Oracle INSERT Statements for DBAs and Developers by Daniel Morgan

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Mar 12th at 2:00 PM until 2:45 PM


Db Development 


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Everyone that has written SQL for more than a few weeks thinks they have mastered basic DML statements such as Insert, Update, and Delete: Unfortunately, this is not true. Most of the syntax elements available for these basic statements are not only unknown to developers, but are also unknown to DBAs with a decade or more of experience.

This presentation will focus on optimizing DML by learning more about these capabilities. Using a laptop computer with only a few GBs of RAM and a slow hard drive, it is possible to easily manage 500,000 inserts per second by taking advantage of documented DML techniques rarely used because they are little known. This presentation will expose the full range of available DML statements and how they can be used to optimize Oracle SQL.