P120 Java 8 – “Streaming” into the future with “Lambda” power by Marcel Oldenkamp

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Mar 12th at 6:00 PM until 6:45 PM




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The Java programming language has been around for ages, well maybe not ages but at least since 1995, and it is safe to say that it has long since evolved into a widely adopted and very powerful language. Most people (who are not us) are blissfully unaware of how java powers our day-to-day lives, from mobile phones, tablet, games, navigation systems to e-business solutions. Java is everywhere, it is the building block of many Fusion Middleware products, and mastering its skills is always an excellent thing to have on your resume.

This session is all about the latest Java release, Java 8. You will learn its exciting new features by means of practical examples and live code demonstrations. Starting with the new language addition “Lambda Expression”. Although at first glance some may find the notation ‘obscure’ or flat out unreadable, we will show its true power and shine a light on the Lambda syntax and practical applications. Then we move on to demonstrating the Streams API, where data processing gets a whole new meaning. We will show that filtering and transforming data in collections has never been this easy or this fast compared to previous Java versions. Other worthy features like “Default methods” and “compact profiles” also make an appearance.

Last but not least, we mix it up with Java8 and ADF since JDeveloper & ADF 12c ( offers Java SE 8 support (with certain restrictions).

Although some java knowledge is preferred, anyone is invited (even encouraged) to join our session.

The Java platform and language has been around since 1995 and is now all around us. It powers everything from mobile phones to e-business solutions and forms the building block of many Fusion Middleware product. This session gets you up to speed on the latest release, Java 8, by means of practical examples and live code demonstrations. We will show the true power of Lambda Expressions, data processing with Streams and we mix it up with Java 8 and ADF.