P85 Workshop IoT and Big Data by Frode Pedersen and Inge Os

Date & Time

Mar 13th at 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM




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From Device to Analytics.

3 Hours Friday morning 


The goal of this workshop is to show how simple it is to start development with IoT. The latest development on Embedded devices and Java 8 Micro Edition, opens up this new IoT environment also for people without embedded experience. Mobile devices, Raspberry Pi and the MBED platform are now running powerful 32 bits processors.

This workshop will start with implementing a JavaME sensor application on a FRDM-K64F from Freescale. This is an ultra low-cost Development Platform for MBED.

2nd part of the workshop will focus on how to collect and analyze the events in real time on the server side.

3rd part will focus on how to store and analyze the events in a Big Data environment.

Prerequisite :

There will be a separate pre-registration for this workshop at Eventbrite. 

Attendees should have some basic programming experience – examples in Java will be provided.

Attendees must bring with them a Laptop with Netbeans 8 installed.

Workshop will be run by a team from Oracle.