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Conference Track: Magic, Soul & Inspiration (Part A)

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Jun 12th at 11:00 AM until 12:30 PM



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Part A: Well-Being in Business

In February of this year, 40 entrepreneurs in Oakland came together for the nation’s first Well-Being in Business Lab. For five months they are engaging in personal practice and experimentation with business innovation centered around well-being. Unlike the underpinnings of “business school 101”, which emphasizes me vs. my competitor, the science of well-being shows us that kindness is our very nature and that connectedness is the only path to our own deep well-being. The business leaders in the lab have an intention to align their enterprises with the four areas shown to make all humans deeply well. They are experimenting with models that lead with generosity, optimize for connection, inspire reverence, and cultivate connection with purpose. Most importantly, they are instituting personal and organization practices that open their own hearts to our fundamental interconnectedness so innovation along these lines can more naturally occur.

In this session, we’ll be guided through some of the techniques and leadership practices used inside Eileen Fisher by lead members of their management team.