Shared Ownership

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Cultivating democratic economic models like employee and worker ownership — works. Many believe that the increase in worker- and member-owned enterprises across the world represents a revolution in the making. The Shared Ownership track will offer a micro-to-macro view of democratic economic models, led by some of the most innovative thinkers and doers in this field.

Track Facilitator: Aaron Tanaka

PART A: Co-ops Rising

In this first session we’ll hear directly from businesses that have chosen employee ownership and financing either as an ESOP or a worker cooperative, and from the founder of Project Equity about how worker ownership can create pathways to prosperity for low-income communities.

This dialogue with nationally recognized leaders will be a unique opportunity for first hand, candid learning about the challenges, opportunities, and “how tos” of this approach.

PART B: Common Good

Building from the strategies covered in Part A for individual businesses who want to transition to shared ownership models, we widen the lens in this session to learn what communities and cities can do to cultivate the commons and enable more ownership opportunities. Learn about models for local people to join together to invest in their communities, how land trusts are used to keep rents affordable for local businesses and prevent gentrification, and how a city can kick-start and incubate cooperatives.