Opportunity for All

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Low-income and communities of color have a rich legacy of advancing economic principles of fairness, sustainability, and democracy. These communities have taken resourcefulness and creativity to a new level and will be our guides to a new economy. The Opportunity for All track will cover all the ways Localist leaders in concert with their communities are eliminating systemic barriers, investing in good jobs, and building opportunities for those that have been historically oppressed.

Track Facilitators: Isoke Femi, D'Artagnan Scorza, Steve Dubb

PART A: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

It is with those for whom the mainstream economy has never worked that we will find many of the solutions that will guide us to a new economy.  To understand this progression we first need to examine the deep roots of racial oppression.  With the backdrop of Ferguson and #Blacklivesmatter, we will then identify and explore the broad range of efforts underway to build community wealth in low-income communities and communities of color today. Speakers will also discuss how the challenges faced by these communities relate to challenges within every community throughout the country.

PART B: Building Economic Power in Ferguson

In lower-income communities and communities of color we are seeing great innovation — people working to eliminate systemic barriers, invest in good jobs, and assert the rights of labor to be on par with that of capital.  In this session we will spotlight Ferguson with a group of local organizers and leaders who are here looking for counsel on bottom-up economic efforts. This case study session will bring to bear the wisdom of this conference community in solidarity with a community that has mobilized in grief, but intends to move forward by building economic power and greater self-reliance, together.