Community Capital

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The demand for place-based impact investing has reached critical mass. We are moving beyond one-off micro loans to the local farm and toward mainstreaming accessible, impactful local investing. Innovative leaders are changing the way that capital works, moving away from a system that perpetuates inequality and toward place-based models that instead catalyze local job creation, build community wealth, and foster vibrant local economies.  

In Part A of this track, we’ll map the ecosystem for place-based investing. Part B will feature sparks of the new economy who will lead an interactive session to help unleash community capital where you live.

Track Facilitators: Deborah Frieze, Dawn McGee

PART A: Mapping  the Ecosystem

In this session we will focus on mapping the community capital system for your place. Where are the gaps? Where are the connections? How do we systematize a community’s ability to invest locally and for its entrepreneurs to access the financing and technical assistance that they need to succeed? Learn about the most promising new models to connect local businesses with local lenders, investors, and donors to speed and scale entrepreneurial impact.

PART B: Sparks of the New Economy

In this interactive session we’ll deliver a hands-on approach to unleash community capital where you live. Learn how to create a local investor network and a community-lending circle, and how to easily acquire values-aligned investment from community members who love your business. Exemplars to include: Emerging Change-Makers Network, E-Money Pool, Community Sourced Capital, Mutual Aid Networks and Community Foundation innovators.