Hickman's Family Farms


Buckeye, AZ

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Hickman's Family Farms has provided fresh eggs since 1944. We've grown from of a flock of less than 500 in Grandma Hickman's back yard.

The original enterprise began with a flock of 50 chickens and sales of eggs from the back porch of Nell Hickman, grandmother of the third generation of management (Glenn Hickman, Billy Hickman, Clint Hickman, and Sharman Hickman). In its early days, Hickman’s entered the Arizona food service market by providing fresh, locally produced eggs direct to small independent restaurants, and directly to consumers. The Hickman farm store with its iconic figure of a hen (“Henrietta”) standing out front was a familiar sight in Glendale for many years. 

Observes CEO Glenn Hickman, “Every afternoon, one little refrigerated panel truck was sufficient to deliver the day’s production to coffee shops in Glendale and to Carnation Restaurant in the big city of Phoenix. Our parents Bill and Gertie Hickman (the second generation of management) established the entrepreneurial spirit that has kept Hickman’s competitive for decades.”

In the late 1990s the Glendale location was relocated to make room for development near what is now the University of Phoenix Stadium. However, the now-vintage figure of Henrietta was also moved to the Buckeye headquarters, and appears in parades and at events throughout the state during year. 

Hickman’s Family Farms utilize stringent methods of conservation repurposing, and recycling to remain as environmentally-friendly (“green”) as possible. Water is recycled and reused, and manure is dried, ground, and turned into high quality fertilizer. The company also promotes a philosophy of community support, and supports a wide range of charities and efforts.

Today Hickman’s Family Farms is based in Buckeye, Arizona. The hens and processing operations are located in Arizona, Colorado, and California. The flock number is approximately 6 million laying hens, which ranks the family farm in the top twenty in the United States.