Alok Appadurai


Tucson, AZ

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Alok Appadurai is passionate about inspiring small changes by millions of people. He works tirelessly towards a world free of sweatshops, advocates for vegetarian lifestyles, is a poet, writer, social entrepreneur, and environmentalist, as well as being a proud father.

As co-founder of Fed By Threads, Alok has created the Whole Foods of ethical fashion, featuring American clothing designers and producers from across the nation who use sustainable organic materials all under one roof. He goal is to support American manufacturing jobs, reduce our carbon foot print, support local production facilities across the country, and be part of the slow fashion movement. Every garment has a story. And through clothing, Alok is able to share his passions and beliefs in a better world, by reaching one consumer at a time. Movements for change take time but when the time comes, Alok desires to mobilize with others who are in the trenches as change makers.

Alok has given a TED Talk, worked in sustainable energy in his prior career, looking at the conversion of garbage into electricity and fuel, used to be a teacher, and experienced the loss of his mother to cancer. He aims to live life fully and hopes to look back on a life well-lived.

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