Tolulope Ilesanmi


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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While studying for his MBA at McGill in Montreal, Tolu chose an unusual path after a banking career in Nigeria: becoming a Cleaner. He started Zenith Cleaning, which on the surface provided cleaning services but in reality was an exploration of cleaning as an apt, practical metaphor for our world. After struggling for years with the stigma of being a cleaner, he realized "Cleaner" is all he wanted to be after having this epiphany:

"Cleaning is the process of removing dirt from any space, surface, object or subject thereby revealing beauty, potential, truth and sacredness."

With hands immersed in dirt and feet firmly planted in cleaning of physical spaces, Tolu is taking Cleaning above stigma and shame, to its Zenith, as a transformational practice and paradigm. His intention is to help shift the focus of work and change from the external to include the internal, from the future to the present, from the physical environment to the spiritual, from the tangible to the intangible, from transactional to relational from societal to individual, starting with the "I". Tolu is bringing his vision to light through immersive leadership, organizational and youth development initiatives that utilize the practice of cleaning to transform, restore, heal and reveal beauty, potential, truth and essence.

Tolu speaks at conferences, institutions and organizations. He is a regular guest speaker at McGill University and a visiting scholar at Columbia University.

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