Rachel Maxwell

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Rachel Maxwell is co-founder and CEO of Community Sourced Capital. CSC has helped over 50 neighborhood businesses in eight states access nearly $1MM in capital from 4000 members of their communities. Formed to help small businesses and local economies thrive, CSC is an on-line platform that brings love into finance. In the CSC system money builds on generosity and reciprocity into a world of finance that needs a whole lot more of both.

After years of working in the world of international climate change policy being frustrated by the struggles with the financing of a clean energy economy, Rachel decided it was time to join the people working on the ground creating grassroots solutions. Before co-founding CSC, she prepared herself to launch a business by earning an MBA and studying sustainable finance and entrepreneurship at Pinchot University. She became convinced that we need a distributed economy, much like we need a distributed grid and spent her time researching how banks, credit unions, CDFIs, local investors and even venture capital affected local economies and finance for local businesses. 

To continually connect with a wealth of ideas and the varied spirit of humanity, Rachel shares a poem at the opening of every CSC team meeting.