Peace Coffee

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The story goes that Peace Coffee was born out of late-night conversations between our parent organization, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), and a group of Mexican farmers. One thing lead to another and soon IATP was the serendipitous founder of a fair trade coffee company.

The year was 1996, coffee prices were at all-time lows, and fair trade certification had yet to make its way to the U.S. Since then, the challenges facing coffee farmers continue to evolve and we continue to lead the way in finding innovative, collaborative solutions to those problems in partnership with coffee growers.

From that first 38,000 pounds of Mexican coffee, the company has grown dramatically; what has remained is our uncompromising commitment to coffee farmers and to innovation in trade. While many companies source their beans via a broker's cupping table, having gone straight to the source the first time, we couldn't imagine doing it another way. To further those goals, we co-founded an importing co-op, Cooperative Coffees, to allow us to buy our fair trade, organic beans directly from the farmers who grow them.

We travel regularly to origin to visit the growers we work with. Knowing the hard work that goes into each step of the coffee's processing as it travels towards us inspires each of us to do our best every day. The efforts of everyone who roasts, packages, and delivers our beans are focused on highlighting and preserving the best in each unique coffee. Our crew of dedicated baristas complete our supply chain, ushering our stewardship of the bean to its conclusion: a finely crafted cup.

As we move forward and grow, we’re eager to continue coffee's centuries-old tradition as a centerpiece of conversation and community.