Central Park

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And, just steps to the east of Lincoln Center is one of the great urban wonders of the world:Central Park. Having just completed a 10K run there last Sunday (yes, Gottlieb is a casual, but competitive-with-herself runner), I was once again awestruck by its magnificence, and thought I should add it to our NYC must-sees. Inserted right in the middle of our Manhattan island, spanning south to north from 59th street to 110th street, and west-to-east via aptly-named Central Park West and 5th Avenue [apartments on those VERY high-priced blocks have the best views of course], Central Park is a grand oasis of green space, wildlife, (ducks in the ponds; sea-lions in the zoo), fountains, water, and monuments (Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, in memory of its 72nd Street neighbor, John Lennon). So, please be sure to take advantage of breaks in our conference schedule to take in some analog time in this wonderful urban paradise!