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All visitors to NYC must experience Zabar's, our world-famous (and uniquely New York) gourmet food emporium. Just 14 blocks north of Juilliard and Lincoln Center (on West 80th Street and Broadway), in their own words, "Zabar's has to be experienced, in person, to truly be understood. You have to see the crowds, hear the banter of our sales help, smell the croissants baking, admire the rich brown hues of our coffee, sample cheese from every corner of the world, enjoy the beauty of hand sliced nova, walk upstairs and see the largest selection of imported copper cookware anywhere... it really is a one of a kind adventure."

Browse the items of the main store, or stop for a coffee and bagel in the adjoining café. Note: this is perhaps one of the most un-relaxed café experiences you can have in NYC: a long line to order your coffee or pick up one of the pre-made sandwiches (nova on a bagel), then try to find a seat at one of the counters. Yes, it's crowded and chaotic, but you'll also be part of only-in-NYC conversations. People are friendly and opinionated (perhaps too friendly and opinionated if you wish to be left alone).

Even tour buses stop at Zabar's, so don't miss this NYC experience!