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Yes, you can go to Starbucks and pay close to $5.00 for some sort of cappuccino, or flavored drink combo. Or, you can opt for the native New Yorker preference of coffee shop coffee , brewed in a reliable urn. While the days of $0.75 or even $1.00 for such cups are mostly over, it's still less costly than the aforementioned Starbucks. Places to get this coffee near Lincoln Center include Europan Café, the West Side Diner, or one of the many coffee carts that you'll find on the street. There's even a “Belgian coffee” cart on the small pedestrian island just across from 65th street (where on Thursdays you'll find a small farmer's market).

BUT, I wouldn't recommend asking for a cappuccino or espresso at one of the coffee shops. They make them in pre-fab machines, and you'll be disappointed. Best places to get real espresso in this area include Indie Café (right across the street from Juilliard) or Epicerie Boulud on Broadway between Daniel Boulud's two restaurants (Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud).

Also, when you order coffee shop coffee, “regular” usually means with milk and sugar. If you don't want sugar, say NO SUGAR very loudly. You may get sugar anyway, but at least you tried. Black means no milk. Any other special requests should be clearly stated, and are almost always accommodated (but you may need to repeat yourself) Same can be said for ordering off of menus at New York City restaurants; feel free to make special requests regarding what to include and not include, or any special preparation you may desire. These requests are not uncommon and are usually accommodated. But again, you may need to repeat yourself ...