Office of Student Conduct


Auburn University Student Center, Suite 3231 255 Heisman Drive
The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for the administration of the Code of Student Conduct and provides a fair and educational student conduct process for students and student organizations. The Office of Student Conduct educates the Auburn University community about student's responsibilities, rights, and expectations. Additionally, Dean's Certification, or disciplinary clearance requests, are processed and completed by the Office of Student Conduct.

The most common violation of the Code of Student Discipline relates to the underage consumption/possession of an alcoholic beverage or public intoxication. Students found responsible for violating the alcohol policy may be required to participate in Tiger Education Screening Intervention (TESI), an Auburn University sponsored alcohol education program.

Students could also be assigned community service or disciplinary probation. Students who are found in violation of the alcohol policy at an Auburn University athletic event will be removed from the event and may face the loss of student ticket privileges in addition to the above sanctions.

When students under the age of 21 are found responsible either for an alcohol or drug violation of the Code of Student Conduct, the Office of Student Conduct will notify parents/guardians in writing. The letter will contain information regarding the violation of the code that occurred.

Should your son or daughter be referred to Student Conduct, your best role is to serve as a support system and encourage him or her to take an active role in resolving the issue. Your son or daughter can be instrumental in improving the Auburn experience for all students by reporting inappropriate conduct. Parental involvement and support greatly increases the likelihood of a student reporting concerns to Student Conduct.

The Office of Student Conduct sponsors the campus-wide Be The Creed campaign. The campaign utilizes the existing Auburn Creed to promote good decision making, honesty, and respect among Auburn students. Students are able to actively participate in the campaign by applying to be a Creed Ambassador. Dr. George Petrie wrote the Creed, the Auburn family believes in the Creed, and we want all students to live the Creed.