Health Promotion and Wellness Services


Auburn University Student Center, Suite 1206
The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness Services provides resources to students, faculty, staff, and parents regarding health issues.

The office has two Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists and a host of undergraduate Nutrition Team members on our staff to help with your student's nutrition needs. Nutrition services for students include individual consultations, grocery store tours, dining hall tours, and group presentations. The Nutrition Team dietitians and will spend time with your student to discuss goals and potential barriers to accomplishing those goals.

Health Promotion and Wellness Services offers several resources for students abusing drugs and alcohol. Not only does this office provide information regarding drugs or alcohol, it also provides resources for those in recovery from addictions. Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings as well as Self-Management and Recovery Training groups can offer that support.

If you fear your son or daughter has experienced sexual violence, stalking, harassment, or other sexual misconduct situations, refer him or her to Safe Harbor. Safe Harbor is a group of on-campus advocates who work directly with your student to provide support and information on survivor resources.