Dining Services


Auburn University Student Center, Suite 1203
When your student registers for classes at Auburn, they receive a dining plan that will be available via their Tigercard ID. This plan may be used at all dining locations throughout campus. Whether they are craving a burger made from Auburn-grown beef, barbecue that's grown, processed and cooked on campus, or a salad featuring vegetables grown on campus and in the local community, they are sure to find a fresh, delicious meal within walking distance. <o:p></o:p>

The Auburn Foods icon appears throughout campus identifying foods that are grown on campus or within the local area. This is important because when it comes to food, fresh really IS best! Plains to Plate is a restaurant dedicated to serving locally-sourced, sustainably raised foods, with the added benefit that it is Certified Gluten-Free. It features an entire menu that is full of flavor while completely lacking gluten.

The On-campus dining plan is $995/semester, which covers about half of the average student's dining budget. Your student may want to eat off campus occasionally, or perhaps pop home for a visit, and this level of dining plan enables them to do so. By the same token, if your student lives off-campus, their meal plan is $300/semester which is ideal for purchasing lunches or snacks between classes.

If your student has a few dollars left on her account at the end of the fall semester, the remaining balance will roll to the following spring semester, and will remain available for her use until the end of the following summer term. The end of the summer term marks the conclusion of the academic year, and at this point, any remaining dining plan funds revert to the university.

Your student may phone home after about six weeks to let you know that his dining funds are running low. This is no problem! You may load additional funds to an Optional Dining account, and these additional funds never expire. For details about these additional dining account options, please refer to our website or contact the Campus Dining office.

Finally, we realize that some of our Auburn family members may not be able to eat our foods. We have procedures that allow an exemption for a serious medical condition, religious prohibition, campus organization membership (if the organization requires participation in a large meal plan) or a student's being away from campus. If your student requires one of these exemptions, please consult the Tiger Dining website or call the office for details.