Parking Services


2nd Floor 330 Lem Morrison Drive

All students who plan to commute or live on campus with a vehicle must register their vehicles online through their personal Tigeri account to avoid receiving a ticket, wheel lock, or tow during their time spent on campus at Auburn University. Vehicle registration is a simple process that will take less than five minutes to complete online. For additional information on how to properly register your personal vehicle visit, the Parking Services website and they will be happy to provide step-by-step instructions to complete the online registration process.

In addition to registering personal vehicles, all bicycles on campus are required to be registered through the student's Tigeri account. Parking Services provides bicycle permits that will need to be displayed on the bicycle throughout the year in which it is valid. While there is no cost associated with the bicycle permits, after the second week of class any unregistered bicycle on campus will be placed in the Auburn University impound lot at the owner's expense.

Auburn University's Parking Services' encourages all parents and students to review the parking rules and regulations before parking on campus to avoid any unnecessary tickets, wheel locks or towing expenses. The Parking Services' website provides a digital map for visitors and students to assist with navigating around campus. Do not hesitate to call our office for additional information about parking on campus, registration, or student programs!