Auburn University Career Center


303 Mary Martin Hall
Career planning is a process that starts early for first year college students and continues well past graduation. Encouraging your student to take advantage of the many resources and services offered by the Career Center is a great first step in facilitating their career development. Services provided include: major and career exploration, career assessments and career counseling, resume and cover letter writing, part-time job, internship, and full-time job search, interview skills development, and career networking events.

6 Tips for You and Your First Year Student

1.Support Their Exploration – If undecided, exposure to new areas could help your student identify potential majors of interest.

2.Affirm Their Skills – You know your student well. Help them discover areas that align with their skillset by drawing attention to strengths.

3.Discuss What They Enjoy and Encourage Involvement– When talking to your student about their experiences, focus on what they enjoy and encourage them to seek experiences outside of the classroom.

4.Do Not Panic – Students graduate and are employed in all majors. Rather than panicking, encourage them to gain experience early.

5.Urge Them to Seek Help Early – It is never too early to seek aid, but it can be too late. Urge your student to ask for help early and regularly.