Newfound Freedom

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For the first time in your student's lives, they are completely on their own. This can be overwhelming for some students and terrifying for most parents. Decisions that you have helped your student make their entire lives are now up to them. Your student is now deciding what they are going to eat and when, what their sleep schedule will be, and how much time they are spending watching television. As they adjust to their newfound freedom and schedule, be flexible.

We now live in an age of technology at our fingertips. It is easy to pick up the phone and call your student or send a quick text at any time during the day. Know that as your student is adjusting to their schedule, they will find times in their day that are not as good as others for catching up. After the first few weeks of school, talk to your student about ideal times to call during the week. Setting this schedule early on will help both you and your student have consistency in your communication, as well as keep you from calling during the middle of class.

It is completely fine to give your suggestions, but know that trust is a must, and your student will soon figure out what works best for them. When your student comes home for the first time, they are likely going to try to live the same way they do at college (not doing dishes, not having a curfew, not having a set time to be up in the mornings, etc.). If there are important rules in your home, make certain you remind your student about them before they return home for a visit.