Poster Session 3

Date & Time

Jun 5th at 6:00 PM until 6:30 PM



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Posters for this session can be mounted on the poster boards during the morning of June 5 for all day viewing. Authors will be present during the Poster Session (6:00-6:30pm). Posters should be removed at the end of the session (6:30pm).

1. Postnatal depression and offspring academic achievement at age 16: The mediating role of executive function in childhood

2. Relations between early comprehension and production in bilingual children: Implications for developmental neuropsychology

3. Developmental and neuroimaging evidence on attentional capacity across domains

4. Does Spanish word order enhance performance on a direction following task?

5. The development of multisensory postural control: Varieties of somatosensory input

6. Recognition of subjective action in children

7. Self-understanding and advanced ToM in Polish adolescents

8. Self, and social persuasion in adolescence: Does ToM play a role? 

9. Joint attention, visual perspective-taking and theory of mind as stages of socio-cognitive development

10. Experience-expectant and experience-dependent processes:  Examples from infant and adult face perception 

11. French immersion education: The role of a child's emergent reading skills and a language's orthography on language transfer effects

12. The development of understanding and producing facial expressions in 4-6 year-old children

13. Gesture's role in conveying body image across development

14. The stability of visual ERP components in young children: Retest reliability over 14-16 months

15. Children's observational word learning: The role of distraction and speech type

16. "To this day I just can't trust him anymore": Connections between experiences of forgiveness and peer relationships in childhood and adolescence

17. Parenting stress among the first generation of extremely low birth weight adult survivors and their children's temperament

18. Are kinematic cues used to predict action goals? A developmental study

19. Early atypical emotional face processing in children with autism spectrum disorders

20. Making sense of the college experience through the SEEK program

21. Do animal characters in story picture-books teach children about social norms? An examination of children's sharing behaviours after story book exposure

22. Children prefer consistent speakers when acquiring accurate, but not personal, information