Carl Gould & Caryn Kopp

Master the Steps, Increase Your Share of Sale, and Shorten Your Path to Cash!

Caryn Kopp and Carl Gould have been Opening Doors and closing more sales for their clients for the past 2 decades. Their proven approach to business development has accelerated the growth of 1000's of companies in over 35 countries. They have demystified the sales process, and are launching their book, Biz Dev Done Right, as an EO exclusive. Caryn and Carl will share their success secrets for creating sustainable sales results so you can stop agonizing over why sales aren't working for you in your business.

So, business owners, you no longer need to take the long road to success. Stop getting it wrong! Caryn and Carl will unlock the sales strategist within you,and show you how to get Biz Dev Done Right!