Renae Moore, Ilsa Nielsen

Renae's professional background is a speech pathologist with experience in remote, rural and urban settings across health, education and community sectors. In 1995, Renae moved to the Darwin as the Principal Speech Pathologist and Manager Community Health Paediatric Team. Renae's return to the Top End from her professional beginnings as a sole speech pathologist in remote north-west Queensland saw her professional journey come full circle. Renae has been actively involved in rural and remote allied health issues at a local, State/Territory and national level throughout her career. Over the last 13 years, Renae has worked in a variety of senior policy and project roles across aboriginal health, early intervention, aged and disability and workforce strategy. As Principal Allied Health Advisor for NT Health, Renae is responsible for providing strategic allied health leadership areas of professional practice standards and governance, education and training, workforce innovation and reform. Ilsa is a physiotherapist currently employed as Principal Workforce Officer in the Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland, Department of Health. This role supports workforce policy, planning and development for rural and remote allied health services in Queensland Health.