FM5.3.05 — Dust polarization contamination for current and future CMB experiments

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Aug 12th at 11:45 AM until 12:00 PM




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Author(s): Jonathan Aumont1, Ludovic Montier2, Matthieu Tristram3

Institution(s): 1. Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale, 2. IRAP, 3. LAL

The Planck satellite 353 GHz channel polarization maps allowed for the first time to measure the angular power spectra of the Galactic dust polarized emission on large fractions of the sky and on a wide range of angular scales. These measurements have demonstrated the need for an accurate dust cleaning for the CMB polarization measurements at large and intermediate scales, even in the cleanest regions of the sky. We will review the main properties of the dust polarization angular power spectra measured by Planck and we will show how these construct a simple parametrization of this emission, which can be used as a benchmark for CMB component separation and likelihood analyses. We will present how this has already been used to assess the level of dust contamination in the BICEP2/Keck data at 150 GHz and how this has led to the most stringent direct limit on the tensor to scalar ratio from B-modes to date. Finally, we will introduce some forecasts on the dust cleaning capabilities for present and forthcoming CMB experiments, based on a new dust polarization model which reproduces the properties unveiled by the Planck data.