DB.8.05 — The present status and the future of the European VLBI Network

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Aug 10th at 5:40 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Michael Lindqvist2, Arpad Szomoru1

Institution(s): 1. Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe, 2. Onsala Space Observatory

The European VLBI Network has evolved significantly during recent years and as a result it is producing excellent science. This is of course of fundamental importance and the main motivation for further developments of the EVN. In order to meet the demands of the astronomers the EVN is making use of and driving technical progress. We will describe the present status of the array and outline some of the planned future technical directions and how it will complement the SKA. In addition, we will also show scientific highlights that have been obtained using the EVN and illustrate possible science areas in the future.