S316p.39 — The dynamical fate of Theta 1 Orionis B

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM




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Author(s): Christine Allen2, Rafael Costero2, Miroslava Hernandez1

Institution(s): 1. Instituto Politecnico Nacional, 2. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Recent adaptive optics observations have shown that Theta 1 Ori B is a minicluster composed of five stars, and that it is probably bound. The dynamicas stability of such a system is questionable. By means of N-body integrations we have studied the dynamical fate of an ensamble of systems closely resembling Theta1 Ori B in projection, with random positions and velocities in the z.direction, and with perturbations compatible with observational errors in the plane. We find that the great majjority of the systems are destroyed after 100 crossing times (about 30,000 years). Even after only five crossing times 20 percent of the systems dissolve, leaving only a close binary. The implications of these results for the probable age of this multiple system, the fate of stars formed in small clusters, the formation of low mass runaway stars, and the origin of visual binaries are discussed.