DC.7.04 — NASA Astrophysics Education and Public Outreach: Engaging the Public with NASA's Next Great Observatory

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Aug 10th at 2:27 PM until 2:36 PM




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Author(s): Joel David Green1, Hussein Jirdeh1, Bonnie Eisenhamer1, Denise Anne Smith1

Institution(s): 1. Space Telescope Science Institute

The James Webb Space Telescope is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. STScI and the Office of Public Outreach are committed to bringing awareness of the technology, the excitement, and the future science potential of this great observatory to the public, to educators and students, and to the scientific community, prior to its 2018 launch. We currently engage the full range of the public and scientific communities using a variety of high impact, memorable initiatives, in combination with modern technologies to extend reach, linking the science goals of Webb to the ongoing discoveries being made by Hubble. We have injected Webb-specific content into ongoing E/PO programs: for example, active classroom learning via the STEM Innovation Project (SIP) and 3-D visualizations developed for modern inexpensive platforms, the production and collection of materials for speakers related to any Webb topic (engineering, science, or education), the addition of Webb materials to the Amazing Space programs and updating them for general usage, and the development of simulated Webb observations illustrating the science of the next decade.