DHp.1.22 — New Insights Concerning the Local Interstellar medium

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Aug 4th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Jeffrey L Linsky1, Seth Redfield2

Institution(s): 1. University ofColorado, 2. Wesleyan University

We have been analyzing HST high-resolution ultraviolet spectra of nearby stars to measure the radial velocities, turbulence, temperature, and depletions on warm diffuse interstellar gas within a few parsecs of the Sun. These data reveal a picture of many partially-ionized warm gas clouds, each with their own vector velocity and physical characteristics. This picture has been recently challenged by Gry and Jenkins (2014), who argue for a single nonrigid cloud surrounding the Sun. We present a test of these two very different morphological structure by checking how well each predicts the radial velocities in a new data set (Malamut et al. 2014) that was not available when both models were constructed. We find that the multicloud model (Redfield & Linsky 2008) provides a much better fit to the new data. We compare the new IBEX results for the temperature and velocity of inflowing He gas (McComas et al. 2015) with the properties of the Local Interstellar Cloud and the G cloud. We also show a preliminary three-dimensional model for the local interstellar medium.