S316p.38 — The birthrates of type Ia supernovae in globular clusters

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM




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Author(s): Bo Wang1, Dongdong Liu 1

Institution(s): 1. Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Globular clusters has been proposed as testbeds for type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), which have high values in astrophysics, especially in Cosmology and galactic chemical evolution. Here, by using a detailed binary population synthesis (BPS) approach, we studied the birthrates of SNe Ia from various of progenitor models in globular clusters, including the single degenerate model and the double-degenerate model. In the single degenerate model, a carbon-oxygen white dwarfs (CO WD) accretes material from a non-degenerate star to increase its mass to the Chandrasekhar mass limit, which then leads to an SN Ia explosion. In the double-degenerate model, two CO WDs in a close binary are brought together by gravitational wave radiation and merge, which results in an SN Ia explosion. We also discussed the properties of these progenitor models in globular clusters.