FM12.1.02 — Atomic processes in optically thin plasmas

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Aug 3rd at 11:00 AM until 11:30 AM




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Author(s): Jelle S. Kaastra1

Institution(s): 1. SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

The Universe contains a broad range of plasmas with quite different properties depending on distinct physical processes. In this contribution I will give an overview of recent developments in modeling such plasmas with a focus on X-ray emission and absorption. Despite the fact that such plasmas have been investigated already for decades, and that overall there is a good understanding of the basic processes, there are still areas where improvements have to be made that are important for the analysis of astrophysical plasmas. I will present recent work on the update of atomic parameters in the codes that describe the emission from collisional plasmas, where older approximations are being replaced now by more accurate data. Further I discuss the development of models for photo-ionized plasmas in the context of outflows around supermassive black holes and models for charge transfer that are needed for analyzing the data from the upcoming ASTRO-H satellite.