DBp.2.37 — Numerical simulations of imaging satellites with optical interferometry

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Yuanyuan Ding1, Chaoyan Wang1, Zhendong Chen1

Institution(s): 1. Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Optical interferometry imaging system, which is composed of multiple sub-apertures, is a type of sensor that can break through the aperture limit and realize the high resolution imaging. This technique can be utilized to precisely measure the shapes, sizes and position of astronomical objects and satellites, it also can realize to space exploration and space debris, satellite monitoring and survey. Fizeau-Type optical aperture synthesis telescope has the advantage of short baselines, common mount and multiple sub-apertures, so it is feasible for instantaneous direct imaging through focal plane combination.
Since 2002, the researchers of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory have developed the study of optical interferometry technique. For array configurations, there are two optimal array configurations proposed instead of the symmetrical circular distribution: the asymmetrical circular distribution and the Y-type distribution. On this basis, two kinds of structure were proposed based on Fizeau interferometric telescope. One is Y-type independent sub-aperture telescope, the other one is segmented mirrors telescope with common secondary mirror.
In this paper, we will give the description of interferometric telescope and image acquisition. Then we will mainly concerned the simulations of image restoration based on Y-type telescope and segmented mirrors telescope. The Richardson-Lucy (RL) method, Winner method and the Ordered Subsets Expectation Maximization (OS-EM) method are studied in this paper. We will analyze the influence of different stop rules too. At the last of the paper, we will present the reconstruction results of images of some satellites.