DJp.2.22 — Identifying X-ray AGNs in Abell 133 with deep Chandra imaging

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Jaejin Shin2, Jonghak Woo2, Elena Gallo3, Richard Plotkin3, John Mulchaey1

Institution(s): 1. Carnegie Observatories, 2. Seoul National University, 3. University of Michigan

Environments (field, galaxy groups, and galaxy clusters) can affect galaxy evolution due to galaxy interaction which is controlled by different galaxy number densities and velocity dispersions. Since the galaxy interaction or merger triggers both star formation and AGN, AGN fraction can be used to understand the effect of environment. We detected X-ray AGN fraction in a nearby galaxy cluster, Abell 133, using Chandra X-ray image and optical spectra. We found ~600 X-ray point sources in the field of Abell 133 using the 2.8 Msec exposure Chandra images. We determined 3 cluster members based on the redshifts derived from optical spectra obtained from Magellan IMACS observation. The AGN fraction in Abell 133 is similar to that of other environments, i.e., COSMOS and CDFS. We will discuss the results by comparing Abell 133 with other environments.