P2.076 — A weak-lensing analysis of the galaxy cluster WHL J163355.8+430528

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Jongwan Ko2, Yousuke Utsumi1

Institution(s): 1. Hiroshima University, 2. Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

A weak-lensing analysis is a powerful tool to measure the projected mass distribution of galaxy clusters. Galaxy redshift surveys resolve the structures along the line of sight and provide a map of the three-dimensional galaxy distribution. Therefore, the comparison of structures identified in the weak-lensing maps and in the redshift surveys is an important test of the application of weak-lensing maps. We use deep CFHT/MegaCam gr images of the field centered on the galaxy cluster at z=0.27, WHL J163355.8+430528 (a new candidate of an X-ray cluster 1RXS J163355.5+430523), to construct weak-lensing maps, and present the preliminary results from weak-lensing analysis.