S320.5.06 — The effects of restricted “EIT wave” propagation on the low solar corona

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Aug 12th at 11:38 AM until 11:50 AM




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Author(s): David Long1, David Perez-Suarez1

Institution(s): 1. University College London

We present observations of an “EIT wave” associated with an X-class flare from 2012-July-6, the propagation of which was severely restricted by the magnetic structure of the solar corona surrounding the erupting active region. The “EIT wave” was observed by both SDO and STEREO-A, allowing a three-dimensional examination of how the propagation of the disturbance was affected both by a neighbouring coronal hole and a trans-equatorial loop system. In addition, the eruption was observed at the limb by the ground-based CoMP instrument, allowing the Doppler motion associated with the eruption and resulting coronal loop oscillation to be investigated in detail. This combination of data-sets provides a unique insight into the three-dimensional evolution of the “EIT wave” and its effects on the surrounding corona.