DJ.6.05 — The AGB stars in Local Group dwarf galaxies

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Aug 10th at 12:00 PM until 12:20 PM




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Author(s): John Menzies1, Michael W. Feast2,1, Patricia Ann Whitelock1, 2

Institution(s): 1. South African Astronomical Observatory, 2. University of Cape Town

This review will summarise the results of a long-term near-infrared survey of Local Group galaxies with the IRSF telescope in South Africa. It will focus on the distribution and characteristics of the AGB. Dwarf spheroidals have predominantly carbon stars on the AGB, while the dwarf irregulars have mixed oxygen-rich and carbon-rich AGBs. A comparison with currently available isochrones provides atest of the isochrones and throws light on the evolutionary history of these galaxies. The survey has revealed the presence in most of the galaxies of Mira variables that satisfy the same period-luminosity relation as the Miras in the LMC.