FM17.3.04 — Ultra-high precision white dwarf asteroseismology

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Aug 12th at 5:02 PM until 5:14 PM




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Author(s): noemi Giammichele1, Stéphane Charpinet2, Gilles Fontaine 1, Pierre Brassard1, Weikai Zong2

Institution(s): 1. Université de Montréal, 2. Université de Toulouse, UPS-OMP/CNRS, IRAP

We present a new parameterization to better expose the inner chemical composition of the core of pulsating white dwarfs. Based on the study of a white dwarf pulsator monitored by KEPLER, we precisely establish the stellar internal structure using the forward method, reaching an unprecedented precision in reproducing the observed periods. This opens up interesting perspectives on better constraining the physical processes occurring during the evolution of stars prior to the white dwarf stage.