FM22.1.04 — Mapping the Frontier Fields with Chandra X-ray Observations

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Aug 3rd at 11:20 AM until 11:40 AM




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Author(s): Christine Jones1

Institution(s): 1. Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Chandra has observed both the clusters and the parallel fields in four of the Frontier Fields. These observations allow us to dramatically improve our understanding of cluster mergers through the detailed mapping of the hot cluster gas compared with high resolution mass maps and, by mapping the gas temperature and pressure, identify merger shocks. A comparison of the lensing maps and the Chandra images allows us to identify subclusters and determine if these have been stripped of their hot gas. In addition the HST images show unusual galaxies (e.g. jellyfish) whose morphologies may have resulted from interactions with the hot intracluster medium. Finally, we will report on any close pairs of AGN, which are candidates for gravitationally lensed QSOs.