DD.8.04 — Limits on the diffuse UHE neutrino flux and directional limits for the radio galaxy Centaurus A

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Aug 10th at 5:00 PM until 5:15 PM




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Author(s): Ron D. Ekers1, Justin Bray3, Clancy James2

Institution(s): 1. CSIRO, 2. Friedrich-Alexander Universität , 3. Univ. of Southampton

We describe an experiment using the Parkes radio telescope in the 1.2–1.5 GHz frequency range to search for nanosecond-scale pulses from particle cascades in the Moon, which may be triggered by ultra-high-energy astroparticles. Through the combination of a highly sensitive multi-beam radio receiver, a purpose-built backend and sophisticated signal-processing techniques, we achieve sensitivity to radio pulses with a threshold lower than previous experiments by a factor of three.
Potential extensions of this technique to future telescopes such as the SKA are discussed.