DBp.1.13 — Public Release of Pan-STARRS Data

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Aug 4th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Heather Flewelling1, panstarrs consortium1

Institution(s): 1. institute for astronomy

Pan-STARRS 1 is a 1.8 meter survey telescope, located on Haleakala, Hawaii, with a 1.4 Gigapixel camera, a 7 square degree field of view, and 5 filters (g,r,i,z,y). The public release of data, which is available to everyone, consists of 4 years of data taken between May 2010 and April 2014. Two of the surveys available in the public release are the 3pi survey and the Medium Deep (MD) survey. The 3pi survey has roughly 60 epochs (12 per filter) covering 3/4 of the sky and everything north of -30 degrees declination. The MD survey consists of 10 fields, observed in a couple of filters each night, usually 8 exposures per filter per field, for about 4000 epochs per MD field. The available data product are accessed through the “Postage Stamp Server” and through the Published Science Products Subsystem (PSPS), both of these are available through the Pan-STARRS Science Interface (PSI). The Postage Stamp Server provides images and catalogs for different stages of processing on single exposures, stack images, difference images, and forced photometry. The PSPS is a SQLServer database that can be queried via script or web interface, with a database for each MD field and a large database for the 3pi survey. This database has relative photometry and astrometry and object associations, making it easy to do searches across the entire sky as well as tools to generate lightcurves of individual objects as a function of time.