DJp.2.03 — New ways to look for cosmic strings

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Aug 10th at 6:00 PM until 6:00 PM




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Author(s): Andrey Beresnyak1

Institution(s): 1. Naval Research Laboratory

Cosmic strings are linear topological defects which are hypothesized to be produced during inflation. Most searches for strings have been relying on the string's lensing of background galaxies or CMB. However, the interaction of the string with ordinary gas will produce several detectable signatures. I will explain how to obtain the solution for the supersonic flow of the collisional gas past the cosmic string. This solution has two planar shocks with shock compression ratio that depend on the angle defect of the string and its speed. These shocks compress and heat the gas, which should be detectable in high-z HI emission. Furthermore, in the present Universe, colliding with ionized rarefied HII gas, the string should produce particle acceleration at the shock and corresponding radio emission. The consequences of such collision will persist for cosmological timescales, so we should look for several unusual large-scale radio sources, typically a cluster radio halo size, situated on a single spatial plane.